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System Description

The system is designed to give optimum cooling of the fresh water that circulates in the brake and top drive system. The design uses highly efficient plate heat exchangers with corrosion-resistant titanium plates to provide the cooling effect between seawater and fresh water from the brake system. The package is built to a rugged offshore design and is provided with all necessary pumps, valves, instruments and a reservoir tank. Standby pumps and plate heat exchangers can be provided to give a 100% duty/standby facility. Additionally, the design can be tailor-made to suit any specific rig layout. The system can also incorporate an additional top drive booster pump, to give the required head of pressure to cool the top drive unit.

To read about the working principles of a plate heat exchanger, click here.

  • Optimum Cooling Efficiency
  • Sized to requirements
  • Rugged and reliable
  • High performance
  • Low maintenance
  • Clip-on gaskets
  • Small footprint
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