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Slop Oil Separation


We offer the optimal solution for treatment of such heterogeneous products as slop oil. Proper treatment can convert all kinds of slop oil from oilfields, refineries, tanks and ponds into valuable, marketable products.

Solving an environmental problem

By treating the slop oil, an often serious pollution or storage problem can be solved. At the same time, expensive tank capacity or land area can be released for more profitable use.

A difficult separation task

Originating from many sources, slop oils vary widely in composition and physical properties. One common factor is that they contain both water and solid impurities, coarse as well as fine. Often they form a very tight emulsion. Treatment of slop oil is therefore a difficult task and most of the methods used for their recovery fail in one way or the other. Gravity settling is a slow and often ineffective operation that requires plenty of space and sometimes excessive amounts of expensive chemicals. Filter presses can only separate solids from liquids and have a very low capacity. Incineration is an expensive process, whereby valuable oil is not recovered.

Centrifugal separation – the key to successful recovery

Experience has shown that centrifugal separation is the most efficient and cost effective method for slop oil treatment. This is the result of special design features of the three-phase disc stack centrifuge employed and the high G-force it develops. Depending on source and quality, each slop oil requires its own technical solution. A single centrifuge may suffice or a multi-stage system may be necessary and we can tailor the system that best suits the situation.

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