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We supply only genuine spare parts from the original equipment manufacturer. Only genuine parts guarantee safe, reliable, and efficient operation that your machines are designed for.

Service Kits
Preventive maintenance based on a well-planned service schedule is the safest, most cost-effective method of ensuring availability of your equipment. To assist in keeping your machine in tip-top condition, we can supply all the spare parts necessary for a regular, budgetable and planned maintenance programme in the form of service kits.

By using service kits you can perform maintenance at certain predefined intervals at your own convenience. This ensures availability of your equipment and reduces your maintenance costs. Service kits are available for quarterly and yearly services for the most common types of separator and decanter models.

Each service kit has just one part number. By simply ordering the complete kit rather than the individual items, you do not need to keep a lot of parts in stock and you have far fewer stock numbers to deal with. Furthermore, the cost of a kit is significantly lower than the total cost of the individual parts.

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