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  • sterilizing capacity of 15 m3/h
  • compact design
  • long lasting residual disinfection
  • no change to taste, smell or color of water
  • no change to physical or chemical properties of water
  • easy to change electrodes

Silver ions are known bactericidal agents and are very effective at killing bugs even at concentrations well below guidelines set forth by the U.S. EPA regarding contaminant levels.

Disinfection of water by dosing silver ions into water is completely harmless. The silver ions only kill off bacteria, germs, algae, etc. but do not change the taste, smell, or color of the water. Nor do they affect the physical and chemical properties of the water or the aggressiveness of the water.

The sterilizer comes as one unit ready to be fitted onto the bulkhead. It consists of an electronic cabinet, an electrode chamber with two shut-off valves, a flow setting valve and a pressure gauge. All these parts are mounted on a common electro-polished stainless steel base plate. A flow sensor is also installed.

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